From the write-up that accompanied being named Apple Seeds’ Employee of the Month:

Congratulations, Janelle! If you were to look around Apple Seeds, you would notice Janelle stepping in and helping with just about anything that needs to be done—whether it’s working the front desk, handling members and class participants with care and the patience of a God or overseeing stroller check and the playground. Wow, I am exhausted just writing all of this! Don’t forget about the summers—that is Camp Janelle (I mean Camp Apple Seeds!). She oversees that department as well! We are very lucky to have a senior manager who is so committed to Apple Seeds and its employees. So I say, “You go girl, good job!” We appreciate all that you do. Now get back to work!!! There is no rest for the weary!!


From the write-up that accompanied being named CrossFit South Brooklyn’s Athlete of the Month (David O., owner):

Janelle is a great addition to our long list of Athletes of the Month. She is consistent, a serious trainee, and despite being on the quieter side, she's been a long-standing and important part of our community. She's such a pleasure to have in class and around the gym, and is a strong female role model for all our newer athletes as well. Three cheers for Janelle!


After the summer of 2010, an Apple Seeds’ mom (Gretchen H.) wrote:

My goodness, my children are having are having the best time doing Apple Seeds projects you so thoughtfully and lovingly created for them. They both have safari hats on and are decorating guitars and maps. You are simply just brilliant! The little notes attached to each project are so great, they love them and they are just delighted. A huge thank you! The only thing that would be better is sitting at Apple Seeds doing these projects with the friends.


An email from an Apple Seeds’ employee (Brian K.):

I really do want you to know that the Apple Seeds has become such a great part of my life over the past year or so, and I appreciate so much the support and friendship of everyone there!!! I want to thank you personally for so many great opportunities and learning experiences and MANY laughs!!!!


After planning my first dance recital at Apple Seeds, co-founder (Alison B.) wrote:

The recital today exceeded all of my expectations.  The room was incredibly beautiful, the parents were extremely excited and the positive energy was honestly bouncing off the walls. As a parent I was so amazed at what these little ballerinas could do. As a business owner I was so proud to see everything so happily and easily swirling around me. Janelle, you did what everyone thought couldn't be done in a few months… you organized the troops, staffed the team, ordered the ribbons, created the programs and flyers, you didn't miss a beat.


From a parent (Judy B.) of a Camp Apple Seeds attendee:

This note is long overdue. Anthony and I have been meaning to tell you how much Grace loved camp and how much it has helped her with school. She can't wait to go every day and can't wait to get rid of us when we drop her off. She's an entirely different, more outgoing, kid than she was before camp, so we can't thank you and your staff enough. She is still talking about camp! We look forward to seeing you again, but wanted you to know how much we appreciate what an impact you had on Grace.


From co-founders of Apple Seeds, about Camp Apple Seeds (which I created):

I know we have thanked you before. But here is another chance to tell you how incredibly impressed we were with you this entire summer. The camp program was outstanding - organizationally, creatively – [and] could not have been better. You also managed to get all your other work done too. Thank you so much for all you gave this summer. We are so proud of all you have done with camp apple seeds - we glow when speaking about our kids' experience. You really outdid yourself.


From one of my employees at Apple Seeds (Ryan D.), on LinkedIn:

Over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Janelle M Barth. As my direct supervisor, Janelle was an intelligent, knowledgeable, and approachable colleague. Janelle was (and is) a problem solver, always paying strong attention to detail and giving appropriate thought into every decision and action she made. Janelle willingly taught me the business and supported me in every decision I made. Janelle always encouraged new ideas and helped to cultivate new initiatives. She made sure to always be present. 

Janelle brought something very special to her position as Director of Operations at apple seeds. She was a master mediator. You never left her desk without knowing that everything was going to be okay, regardless of the situation. She encouraged everyone to eat lunch, constantly checking up on her team to make sure everyone took a little time for themselves each day. Janelle would be an asset in any company. Her sense of humor, friendly demeanor and kind approach towards everyone is contagious!


From one of my employees at Apple Seeds (Cassie H.), on LinkedIn:

I worked with Janelle for over 3 years at apple seeds. As my direct supervisor, Janelle and I met weekly on marketing and advertising initiatives for the company. She advised me on our monthly marketing and social media schedule and always brought creative ideas to the table. 

I learned a great deal from Janelle - in marketing, social media and management. She was not only a supervisor, but also a mentor to me since my first day at Apple Seeds. I always went to her for assistance and to brainstorm new ideas. 

Janelle was an organized, creative and intelligent supervisor and I would highly recommend her for any upper management position.