Creating Innovative Activities

I conceived and executed Camp Apple Seeds from the beginning, with the intent to offer preschool-aged children an opportunity to make new friends, explore, and develop confidence and independence. Along with hiring and training staff for the program, handling all communication with parents, and making sure registration went off without a hitch, I wrote all the materials enumerated below. The camp was voted “Best Day Camp for Little Kids 2008” by Nickelodeon’s

We went on to have similar programs run not only at our flagship Chelsea location, but also on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and in Mumbai and Dubai.

  • 50 individual curriculum (10 weeks of 5 day/week programming) encompassing thematic based recreational play, dramatic play, free play, structured STEM based activity, story time, and a craft project
  • Newsletters advertising the camp to customers
  • Training manuals for the staff

Opening New Facilities

At Apple Seeds, I organized the opening of two new locations, focusing on charter membership and class sales, marketing, resource organization, development of front desk systems, and facility staffing. Our Upper West Side facility boasted 200+ charter members and class participants in 2012 and the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town facility had 50+ charter members 2013. My work specifically involved the following:

  • Working with a team of software engineers to design each location’s website and create separate membership databases.
  • Training five managers and six front desk associates to handle opening and closing responsibilities, sales and processing transactions, customer service issues, and managing the membership database.
  • Writing detailed information sheets for members and staff about membership pricing, class offerings, and special promotions, along with step-by-step instructional guides to processing transactions and FAQ sheets outlining responses to potential inquiries.
  • Interacting with families on a daily basis and building relationships within the community by offering free trial classes, attending community events, hosting informational tables, and staying constantly engaged with our customers.
  • Reporting bi-weekly sales revenues and monthly membership counts to co-founders, accountants, Business Manager, and facility General Managers. 

Manual Writing

At Apple Seeds, I wrote the franchise training materials, including the Operations Manual, six departmental manuals and the curriculum for 11 proprietary classes—all of which were used to train staff and implement operational procedures at our three domestic and two international locations. The content of the manuals aligned with and reified Apple Seeds’ values and mission statement. They contained detailed information on staff training, supplies, organization and set up, and processes for the successful running of each department.

Operations Manual:

  • I compiled business operational procedures across departments, creating content to fill gaps and defining important procedures for all facilities. The final manual included guidelines for good business practices, instructions for setting up systems and processes, protocols for handling customer service issues, and building a connected community.

  • I collaborated with managers to document important operational procedures for their individual departments including customer service (front desk), marketing, facilities management, class programming, and events.

Curriculum Compilation:

  • Compiling the curriculum involved creating a standard format across all curriculum binders, writing teaching objectives for each program, editing text and content, and clarifying classroom management procedures.

  • I managed the compilation and editing, design and layout, and printing and binding of all the manuals in a one-month period.

  • The manuals were used to sign franchise agreements with our partners in Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE, and to train the GMs of those locations.

Before my tenure at Apple Seeds, I worked at Incarnation Camp, the oldest co-ed, overnight summer camp in the U.S. One of my roles for this camp involved writing a comprehensive Waterfront Manual used by the overnight camp program and two day camp programs. The manual I wrote achieved the following:

  • Established the protocols for running safe, effective, and most importantly, fun waterfront programs which included group swim lessons (for beginning to advanced swimmers), small craft boating, and various water sports.
  • Established the protocols for managing the waterfront, which featured separate areas for boys and girls swimming and boating lessons, lifeguard requirements for each activity, and the upkeep and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Outlined the procedures for potential waterfront emergencies.
  • Listed recommended activities for swim lessons based on skill level, which would help ease the fear of water for new swimmers. Also listed fun water games.